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Foldable-Portable PDT LED Light Therapy Device with Yellow, Red and Blue lights - For Salon and Home Used. High Quality, Worthy Money and Effective Results with Strong Lights Output. 

LED Therapy :

- Bio-Light is an advanced light therapy technology machine from Italy. All system controlled by computer, and all the related information have installed in the machine, customer are easy to read out on the screen. Fast and Convenient! Additional for the touch screen operation, Bio-Light is a absolutely a beauty and high -tech machine.

- Bio -Light consists of three light probes and one light facial mask which spreading over 3,000 pieces of LED light bulb. The total power capability over 600W which twice times than other machine. Thus, of course, the result and rate of treatment must better and faster!

- The Light probe will emit 3 different LED light - red, blue and yellow, and two kind of micro current *WAVE & SQUARE at the same time. The current frequency ranging from 20-5,000Hz which induce a smooth titanic contraction in the muscle fibers and stimulate the skins functions and circulatory systems. Best for lift up, tighten and firm the larger muscles.

- The needles on the light probe are made by 24K Gold; the special rounded tip and spring design suitable for all kind of client. It also eases for therapist to move on the client skin without pain.

Application :

` Stimulates collagen production which smoothes fine lines and wrinkles

` Reduces hyperpigmentation and age spot

` Reduces pore size

` Reduces acne scars

` Improve minor stretch marks

` Increase skin elasticity and improve circulation

` Reduces the overall redness, flushing and dilated capillaries of Rosacea and improves the recovery from these common chronic facial disorders.

LED Advantages :

` No pain, no side effects, or downtime

` Remarkably safe and effective for all skin types

` Non-thermal, non-invasive, and non-ablative

` Fast and convenient

` Treats large areas such as the entire face or chest at once

` No aftercare is needed

` Compatible with other skin rejuvenation techniques

` Comprehensive anti-aging skin care regimen


Red light (650-730nm) Stimulate the production of collagen. Collagen is the essential protein used to repair damaged tissue and to replace old tissue. Beat for fine lines, reduce pore size, swollen after surgery.

Blue light (430-450nm)Acne bacteria contains porphyrins; the blue light is able to kill porphyrins due to the high affinity with this wavelength. The blue light furthermore has a calming action resulting effective on hypersensitivity.

Yellow light (560-590nm) Yellow is a warm color that can stimulate both the lymphatic and the nervous systems; it is used to tone muscles and to boost immune system and furthermore helps to relax and to restore the sensitive skins balance.  

420 pieces of LED lights & high energy output LED - effective performance:

Technical Specification:

Model: NYPDT-107

1. Light Source: LED Standard Spectra(wavelength)

Red light : 630nm

Blue light:470nm

Yellow light:590nm

2. Size: 32cm*21cm*7.5cm

3. Weight: 2.5kg (with carton box packing)

4. Working power supply: AC100V - 240V, 50Hz/60Hz

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