IPL & E-Light Hair Removal Machine HR-E7

IPL & E-Light Hair Removal Machine HR-E7


  1. Four filters interchangeable, do not need to change the whole handpiece; one separate bipolar RF handpiece, easy to achieve RF function.
  2. RF energy can be applied to any type of skin; No side effects.
  3. Combined with RF, decreases burn risk and uncomfortable feelings significantly.
  4. When removing light color hair or pigmentation, the result is highly improved, because of the RF energy involved.
  5. Easy to operate: touch screen; smart handpiece can be applied on the skin directly.
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Portable E-Light machine with trolley, good for hair removal, photon rejuvenation, pigmentation and vascular therapy. Equipped with one handle with 4 interchangeable filters. 30000 pulses Guaranty for IPL lamp. 

How it works:

E-Light combines three advanced technologies: Bipolar Radio Frequency + IPL +Skin Contact Cooling.

When the three are united in one treatment, wonderful treatment experiences and results can be expected. The energy of Radio Frequency can reach the middle and deep layer of the skin and heat tissue, thus, lower energy is applied during the IPL treatment. Uncomfortable feelings during the IPL treatment will be decreased significantly and better results can be expected. In addition, the cooling system involved in E-light can also ease the uncomfortable feeling.

The absorption of the energy of radiofrequency is not concerned with melanin. So, the E-Light treatment can get a good result on soft or thin hair to decrease the risk caused by traditional IPL treatment.

Technical Specifications:

Light: IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

Wavelength: 530/560/585/640nm, 4 filters interchangeable

Spot Size: 320mm²

IPL Energy Density: Max 35J/cm²

IPL Energy Level: 5 levels optional

Sub-pulse: 1~3

Pulse Duration: 5ms~30ms

Pulse Repetition: 0.33Hz

Radio Frequency: 1-2.5 MHz

RF Power: MAX 25W

Electrical Requirement: 220V or 110V

Dimension: 560mm×490mm×600mm,550mm×490mm×825mm

Weight: 22Kg

Wavelengths and applications of the treatment filters:


Filter for pigmentation removal(Freckles, sunburn spots, age spots, acne scars, facial blemish)


Filter for photo rejuvenation (Skin tightening, whitening, improving the flexibility of the skin and reducing fine wrinkles)


Filter for vascular lesions  (Vascular lesions (Telangiectasis) alleviation by photothermic activity.)


Filter for hair removal (Remove unwanted hair by destroying the hair follicle)


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