MEOW Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush

MEOW Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush


  • GENTLE EXFOLIATION: The MEOW facial cleansing brush is made of good grade soft silicone, suitable for all skin types and good for sensitive skin too, The brush head consists of 3 sizes of bristles (0.8, 0.9 and 1.0mm), which can create fine lather quickly, strong enough to meet your exfoliating needs and also soft enough to care your skin. Effectively achieve gentle exfoliation. Insist on using this face brush 1 minute every day, you will find your skin clean, glossy and firming after few weeks.
  • SONIC VIBRATION TECHNOLOGY: Compact electric face cleansing brush, with up to 8,000 vibrations per minute, helps to eliminate 99.5% of blemish-causing impurities on skin (cleansing mode), and effectively to boost nutrient absorption (massage mode). 20 adjustable speeds provide a customizable skin care experience and suit all skin types.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN & 4 FUNCTIONS: The pointed ears of the Cat is perfectly fit for T-zone, wing of nose, jaw, around month and back of ears, making it effectively removing dirt and blackheads in the skin. The flat forehead of the Cat is good for cheek, forehead and neck. The back side of the cat head is a silicone face massager for skin relaxing and nutrient conducting. The big curve between the two cat ears is a soft Guasha tool for face skin lifting!
  • WATER RESISTANT & LONG-LIFE DESIGN: With a fully waterproof IPX7 design, it is safe to use in the bath or shower. Rechargeable 450mAh battery, lasting 20 days and more of normal daily use with only 2 hours charging time.
  • PERFECT GIFT: This face brush leaves your skin profoundly smooth and rejuvenated. The sonic activate essential enzymes, accelerates blood flow, promotes pore opening and provides a relaxing facial massage. It is a perfect gift for families, loves and friends!
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food class silicone facial cleansing brush
8000rmp vibration sonic face massager
face cleansing scrub for T zone

T-Zone Deep Cleansing

“Cat’s ears” are used for deep cleansing on the T zone, nose and area around the mouth. The pointed “cat ears” fit the nose and the dead corners of the face perfectly, so you can more easily clean these hard-to-clean parts, proving oil skin, removing blackheads and dead skin. The facial brush with a diameter of 1.0mm is very suitable for deep cleaning.

U-Zone Gentle Cleansing

The face brush with a diameter of 0.8mm-0.9mm gently cleans the U area of the face. The right size helps to quickly clean the cheeks, chin, and even the back of the ears and neck skin, making the skin clean and healthy.

U zone skin cleansing
sonic face massager

Sonic Face Massage

Behind the cat is a silicone facial massager. 8000 times per min vibration and 4 deepened curved massage strips help stimulate the skin, relax the skin, increase blood flow and improve the introduction of nutrients. Yes, after skin cleansing, it is the best time to do a face massage with your favorite serum.

Guasha Massage

The arc between the cat’s ears is a soft silicone Guasha scraping tool. With 8,000 vibrations per minute, gentle face and neck scraping every day can help lift the contours of the face, tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles, and keep the skin youthful.

guasha skin scraping
cleansing mode


Face Cleansing

  • Turn on the system, the machine automatically enters the cleansing mode.
  • Indicator light is off.
  • Vibration will pause every 15s to remind you to move to another area, and it will pause 3 times when using 1 min to remind that face cleansing can be finished.
  • System will automatically shut down after 3 minutes.
  • Timer will restart when switch mode.
  • When the level is adjusted to the lowest or highest, the indicator light flashes.
  • During charging, the indicator light flashes.
  • After fully charged, the indicator light stays on.
  • When the battery is low, the indicator light flashes 10 times and then machine turns off.

Standby Short

  • press the ON/OFF button, the system goes to standby status.
  • Indicator light stays on.
  • If there is no operation in Standby mode, the machine will automatically shut down after one minute.

Face Massaging

  • Short press the ON/OFF button the 2nd time to enter massage mode.
  • Indicator lights will flash.
  • Vibration will pause every 20s to remind you to move to another area.
cute face skin cleansing brush scrubber


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