• Effective on facelift, wrinkle removal, anti-aging, improve skin texture, lift breast and buttock, shape body, drainage lymphatic and massage/stimulate muscles.
    • Large and Unique hook design - well fit face and body part. Easy to use. Shorten treatment time.
    • 4 Functions for Face: Cleansing, Massage, Nutrient Infusing and Lifting. 4 Modes for Body: Breast (Bust), Body, Lymph and Buttock.
    • Used with power cord. Powerful and strong energy.
    • Used with water-based gel/lotion (not included).
  • 缺货
    • INNOVATIVE Water-optical RF thermal facelift device with multifunctions: nutrition liquid import, RF anti-wrinkle, heat treatment and micro-vibration massage. The appearances perfectly combine with function, showing a new experience of nursing.
    • VISIBLE RESULT in 4-8 weeks for anti-aging, wrinkles, pigment and spots, skin cell-activating, shrink pore sizes, smoothen skin, lift skin and tightening skin, boost collagen, improve sagging skin, improve sensitive skin, skin renewal and reduce swelling.
    • Support 3ml capacity nutrient liquid each time - conduct RF to heating energy, more effective and more comfortable.
    • With RED, BLUE and GREEN light to improve effectiveness, smoothen skin.
    • RECHARGEABLE with docking base, GREAT design and BEAUTIFUL skin care instrument. WATERPROOF and WASHABLE.
  • Replaceable treatment Head of Dot Matrix RF

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