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Luminic system provides the greatest experience of hair removal and skin rejuvenation to customers. The Luminic hair removal outputs low but enough energy on surface of skin to target bark coloring in hair, heating and destroying the hair follicle to reduce more melanin. 
Results would be seen in a few weeks (3-4) of initial treatment and should improve over time. Treatment is painless, comfortable and safe. No sound, no harm, no need of gel (skin type 1 & 2). Suitable for skin type 1, 2, 3 and 4. Best result on black and brown hair but Limited results on blonde and white hair. 
Luminic hair removal machine is equipped with 2 lamps: one lamp (470nm-1100nm) for hair remove, which can do 6000 flashes; the other lamp (420nm-1100nm) for skin rejuvenation, which can do 20000 flashes! 
No limited on treatment areas. Safe also on face and Private areas. 
With 5 energy levels, it's easy to use. 
Usually 6-10 sessions can do permanent hair removal. Results lasts no less than 1 year. 

It is popular among home users. 


Model: Luminic (SIPL-10)

Lamp: Xenon Lamp 
Light Source: Pulsed Light 
Energy Fluency: 3.0J/cm2-10.4J/cm2 (HR); 1.8J/cm2-5.5J/cm2 (SR) 
Spot Size: 30mm*15mm 
Wavelength: 470-1100nm (HR); 420-1100nm(SR) 
Lamp Live: 6000flashes(HR); 20000flashes(SR) 
110VAC/ 230VAC, 50/60Hz, 200W

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