NORLANYA Electric Head Massager KS-2800A
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KS-2800A HEAD MASSAGER is very good at head massage, head pain relief, nervous relaxing, etc. It can help people with headache, insomnia, mental stress, not sleep well and other rest problem. It looks like a helmet that you can wear on it and enjoy the massage treatment when sleeping, walking, reading and resting. There are massage points, air pressure, far infra ray hot compress and multi-frequency vibration inside the helmet. Head is gently pressed, vibrated, warmed and massaged by these points from top, sides and back of head. It is comfortable during the treatment. Head can be massaged from all angles. And you would enjoy music during the treatment. It would be enjoyable. 

The KS-2800A head massager is an electric massage machine with a handheld controller where you can adjust the massage programs, time and music. 

There are 4 massage programs:
1. Automatic Massage Mode (there are 3 different automatic massage modes) 
2. Air Pressure Massage Mode (there are 4 different air pressure modes)
3. Vibration Massage Mode 
4. Hot Compress Massage Mode(low and high temperature).

The KS-2800A can processes 3 different types of music when in use: Alleviate physical and mental, Gental environment and Natural sounds. (One pair A pair of headphones is available.) And it is also equipped with 3 different time setting: 5, 10 and 15 minutes. The usage is easy but multi-functional. The KS-2800A is thoughtful - To meet different sizes of people's head, there are 2 buttons to adjust the diameter of the helmet. And it can use with a power adptor or battery - without worry of losing the power cable. the KS-2800A HEAD MASSAGER would be your good choice for health care and it is a wonderful gift for your families and friends too!

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