SlimSonic Ultrasonic+EMS Slimming Device
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The Slim Sonic skin care system is used for cellulite, fat treatment, body shaping, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, skin toning, daily skin care and facial care. It uses technologies of Sonic and EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation). It is a rechargeable, small and portable device with a recharge seat. The Slim Sonic can be used on both face and body. It is a water-proof device and so you can use it during the shower (you it cannot drop into water fully). It does not require gel during treatment but you shall make sure that skin gets wet. The Slim Sonic is made in Japan, which is good and beautiful in design, good quality and good performance. Massaging with Slim Sonic is comfortable, convenient, helpful and joyful. 2-3 sessions each week can make skin better, smoother and slimmer instantly!

Three working modes:
Cellulite Care Mode (Blue indication lamp): it mainly outputs the Sonic, designed for people who need majorly the cellulite and fat. The power turns off automatically in 10 minutes.
Tightening Mode (Red indication lamp): it mainly outputs the EMS which has impacts on muscles, designing for people who need to treat the loosen skin. The power turns off automatically in 10 minutes.
Facial Mode (Violet indication lamp): this mode outputs of Sonic wave and EMS for facial skin care, facial toning. The power turns off automatically in 5 minutes.
Each mode can set energy level from 1 to 3.

Technical Specification: 
Model: NYS-1106

Power rating: DC6.5V

Size: 80*90*100mm

Weight: 250g

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