Red Light Photon Therapy Machine
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Red or Blue photon light are optional: 

Red light: wavelength 622nm +-5nm, stimulating generation of youth coolagen and cell activity, regaining skin vitality and elasticity. its mild wavelength can also be applied on sensitive areas such as around eyes and forehead. 

Blue light: wavelength 467nm +-5nm, preventing acne breakout by killing bacteria and anto-inflammation. By cleansing and balancing sebum system, it helps to lift and tighten skin as well as clear up acne and blemishes. 

(We can do customized YELLOW light for brightening and dark spots removing or GREEN light for soothing redness and skin irritations. )


Automatic Light Control Sensor. 

Charge from computer USB or charger. 

Antiaging Light Therapy Machine - most effective PhotoRejuvenation, Skin Collagen and Elastin Boost. 

Continuous and Pulse Modes. 

Rechargeable Cordless Operation - Charge/Power from computer USB port or charger provided. 

Great Feature - Light Emission Control Sensor to protect eyes without goggles - Light will only be emitted when Light emitting head is positioned against skin - main photo is a demotrastion only and shows light emission during operation. 


Model: PH-1/ NYPDT-201

Input power: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz

Output power: DC5V, 1A. 

Wavelength: 620-625nm (red); 465-470nm (blue)

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