High Power 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

High Power 808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine


1200w high power, more power, faster and better effect.

Applied Technology

  1. Wavelength Approved By FDA:808nm laser is the golden standard for hair removal. It is the most effective and safest wavelength for hair removal approved by the US FDA (authority). It can penetrate deep into the dermis ( where the hair follicle is located), with high average power to damage the hair follicle and achieve permanent hair removal.

Advantages: (1) Golden standard for hair removal (2)Invisible light with better performance and more security.

  1. SuperFast Frequency Of treatment: Adopting 10HZ output frequency, increases the speed of treatment. Such fast output is mainly due to continuous wave technology. Sliding in back and forth so quickly with lower energy essentially improves the customers’ comfort, convenience and fast pain relief.

Advantages: Improve customer comfort.

Sliding Hair Removal Mode:

The sliding technique allows the energy to be released safely and evenly, avoiding areas that may be missed during the treatment, meanwhile ensuring effectiveness and customer comfort.

Particular Dual Pulses:

Continuous output reflected in FHR mode, using the first pulse with lower energy through the skin to heat skin tissue and hair follicles, then the second pulse slightly stronger for treatment. It will avoid some issues, such as slow speed for hair removal, pain and other heavier reaction after treatment.
Advantages:(1) Step-trend, reducing the risks of treatment, to ensure safety. (2) To improve comfort and ensure results.

Simultaneous Cooling:

Synchronization cooling technology is one of the important technology for freezing hair removal. It can reach 0 ℃ when starting the system, and without waiting in continuous operation. This Sapphire touch cooling system can make the treatment head between -10 ℃ ~ 0 ℃, and keep the skin surface at 0 ℃. It can make sure no hurt to the skin.
Advantages:(1)Suitable for any type of skin. (2)Reduce the risks. (3)Improve the customers’ comfort.

Self-Checking System:

The patented comprehensive self-test system supports real-time online monitoring of more than 50 key indicators of the instrument, and pre-judges possible failures, so as to prevent all possible accidents timely, safely and effectively.
Advantages :(1) Safer for customers and machines. (2) Convenient for repairing and maintaining…

Technical Specifications:

1. Light sources: Diode (continuous wave)
2. Laser wavelength: 808nm
3. Modes: FHR mode/HR mode
4. Spot size: 12mm*12mm
5. Fluency: Up to 120J/cm²(HR mode); Up to 25J/cm²(FHR mode)
6. Pulse duration: 10~400ms
7. Repetition rate: Up to 10Hz
8. Delivery of Direct coupling through the sapphire tip
9. Cooling: Aggressive Sapphire touch cooling
10. Electrical: 110/220V 15A max 50/60Hz
11. Power: 1200w
12. Display: 10.4’’ LCD touchscreen

Packing & Shipping Details:

Physical dimension: 560mm*540mm*110mm
Weight: 60kg
Package dimension: 730mm*630mm*1200mm
Gross weight: 84kg
Packing in a carton, 1pc/carton.
Shipment: DHL, FEDEX, TNT, Airway.


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