Galvanic Microcurrency Anti-ageing Device


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  • It can penetrate nutrition to the cell wall to make better absorption.
  • It has effect of achieving firm, vital and elastic skin, improving wrinkles and fine line, smoothing skin texture and help to even out skin tone for more younger-looking.
  • Deep crushed shredded fat, skin tightening.
  • To export skin deep impurities, Supply skin nutrition.
  • Easy to carry when go travelling or working with it’s mini design.
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microcurrent device

Electroporation is the beauty method which takes advantage of biotechnology to achieve remarkable beauty effect, it brings electric field to bear on the cell momently (several microseconds or even milliseconds) to make the cell membrane generate opened micro-hole temporary thus the big molecule such as plastid DNA will take advantages of this opened micro-hole to penetrate inside the cell. The beauty device adopts this theory to penetrate the macromolecule such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, FGF-1, Vitamin C, etc, inside the cell.


High-frequency vibration with 6000 times per minute helps the skin movement which is like comfortable massage by massager for relaxing skin and enhancing skin elastic.


1. Install AA batteries before use.

2. Apply preferred face serum and mask after face cleaning.

3. Push the switch to start the device.

4. Hold the conductive bar and move the current head as shown in the diagram.

Operating method: from inside to outside and from bottom to top along the direction of the muscle and lymph slowly. Each operation repeats 3 times, and 10 minutes preferred.



The micro-current can effectively stimulate skin cells and activate the production of elastic, improve the absorption of nutrition, to better beautify skin.


High frequent vibration can improve circulation, improve skin absorption of nutrition and relax skin.

handy micro current device

Delicate beauty instrument

  • Handy – Easy to carry around.
  • AA battery powered.
electroporation facial care

Stainless steel contact heads

  • Spherical designed treatment head, easy to joint face.
switch on button

One-button switch

  • Push up: ON
  • Push down: OFF

1 review for Galvanic Microcurrency Anti-ageing Device

  1. Katuk

    This is a nice tidy little unit which also produces a mild vibration along with the microcurrent. Treating your face is a pleasant feeling with the coolness of the metal balls, and the angle of the balls makes treatment easier than other models.

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