RF+LED+Infusing Facial Toning Massage Device


  • The radiofrequency (RF) creates a biological-chemical reaction, which effectively stimulates collagen production, reconstruct sort of collagen and elastics fibers, to improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Skin becomes activated, elastic, tight and firm. RF is the best solution for aging skin. It helps in skin lifting, anti-aging, rejuvenating and helps a lot on sagging skin and aging skin. It can also reduce spots, new scars and stretch marks.
  • Taking advantage of micro-current less than 1000um and negative ion, the galvanic ionizes skincare product and makes the micro-nutrient affix onions, and the ions will be led into deep skin due to circulation of positive and negative poles, then the micro-nutrients will be successfully absorbed, to enhance the rate of product absorption. Skin permeability will be improved during the circulation and make skin more smooth, fine and radiant.
  • Hot therapy is widely used in beauty and health care. It can warm skin, improve skin tension, improve absorption of skincare product, stimulate blood circulation and relieve pain and fatigue. This device gives constant 43-degree centigrade. The warm heating can improve dark eye circles and eyebags. Also it can relieve eye fatigue and eye dry due to overuse of eyes.
  • Using high frequency vibrating massage, it can activate skin cells, enhance skin elasticity and ability, improve pore tension, heading skincare product into deeper skin and enhance absorption.
  • There are 4 pieces of LEDs, delivering red and purple photon lights to enhance results of anti aging and skin rejuvenation.
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Utilizing radiofrequency (RF), photon therapy, heating therapy (hot therapy / heating thermal), high frequency vibration massage and Galvanic micro-current, the Handy Facial Toning Wand can boost collagen and elastic, achieving results of anti-aging, wrinkle removal, skin firming and tightening, lifting, skin toning, skin rejuvenating, smoothen skin, reduce fine lines, spots, pimples and freckles, shrink pore size and make skin finer and smoother. It can effectively stimulate blood circulation and lighten skin, reduce dark circles and eye pouch.

Two treatment probes in one wand, 5 functions in one wand.

The heating from RF can help lift sagging skin and jowl.

A rechargeable device, powered by lithium battery, charged with USB cord.

4 RF electrodes to delivery heating, boosting collagen effectively.

4 Pieces of LEDs, delivering red, purple photon lights.

Massaging head with heating and galvanic can infusing skincare products and enhance absorption.

Handy and easy to carry.

Comes with 1* Handy Facial Toning Wand, 1* English manual, 1* USB cord and package.


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