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    EMS Foot Massager

    1. EMS foot massager – EMS current stimulates the foot muscles, deep massage, and relieves fatigue and stress.
    2. Hot compress feet massager – 42 degrees Celsius constant temperature warm plantar acupoints, Shu tendons and activate collaterals.
    3. Intelligent voice prompt – When the feet do not touch the metal points, the system will sense and have a warm voice prompt.
    4. Wireless remoter – Say goodbye to kneading massage with both hands, remote control, no bending operation, easy and comfortable.
    5. Super thin body design with a height of 3cm only agreeable meets with the home demand, easy to store and use.
  • 1200w high power, more power, faster and better effect.
    • 14 individual multi-contact massage points: With an independent power source, it can be combined into 5 kinds of massage modes for different scenes.
    • 360-degree stereo massage technique: Creatively using multi-point massage, 14 massage heads arrayed 360 degrees around the head, forming a rhythmic massage feeling.
    •  5 modes & 10 levels of strength: It comes with a variety of options to meet your different needs so that the brain can be fully decompressed.
    •  Make full use of TMS massage principles: Utilizing with multi-contact massaging in a dot-matrix mode, the head muscles and acupoints are massaged by vibration at a specific frequency of 5hz-20hz and specific working time, and the frequency is close to human brain waves.
    • Unlimited Head circumference, long battery time, support Bluetooth connection, one button startup, simple and fast.
    • This is a cervical vertebra massager that can knead trapezius muscle. It has 4 massage knobs that can roll positively and reverse, and it can massage 360 degrees in double rows, more effectively relaxing the stiff upper trapezius muscle. The massage unit outputs super torsion and simulates the hands through the massage wheels and gives you the feeling of real human hands massage.
    • It can be worn in two ways - one is to push the Kunfengchi points, and the other is to knead the trapezius muscle. It directly hit the pain points and effectively relieves the pain and fatigue of the shoulder and neck. It can not only massage the shoulders and neck, but also the waist, abdomen, legs and back. It is a masseur who can carry it around.
    • The massage pillow provides 42-degree constant temperature hot compress, which allows comfortable warm current to penetrate into the skin while simulating human massage, completely eliminating soreness and fatigue.
    • It is a quiet, low decibel, lightweight massager. One-button operation, simple and convenient. With super capacity built-in lithium battery, it can work 580 minutes after one charge!
    • The massage pillow jacket with patent design is easy to disassemble, which is convenient to clean and replace, safer and more hygienic.
    1.  This massage adopts low-frequency modulation intermediate frequency technology. Unlike traditional low-frequency vibration technology which fails to stimulate deep tissue and cause pain. This massager uses a high-frequency eccentric vibration motor which outputs a 2230hz Bionic pulse, it gives a more powerful vibration and goes deeper to the muscles but gives no pain to the tissue
    2. It adopts TES Vibration and 4D suspension technologies. The conical metal massage heads accurately massage the muscle tissue near L4 and L5 lumbar vertebrae, directly hitting the waist strain points and relieving the waist pain and fatigue. Also, the pressure can go deeper by the taper.
    3. The massage head adopts PTC heating technology, featuring low energy consumption and fast heating. Intelligent temperature control, high and low temperatures can be adjusted (40°C-45°C). No worry of not enough temperature or scald, and the warm current infiltrate into subcutaneous tissue.\
    4. The air pressure dynamically pulls the back waist to the front abdomen, effectively relieving the pain and fatigue caused by lumbar injury.
    5. Controlled by a mini remoter, which can magnetically be adsorbed on the massager. It is very easy to use. With bulti in 1100mA long lifetime battery and can take charge by USB cord, it is convenient to carry around. The voice broadcast will give instructions because of the use of an intelligent human body sensor.
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    • Eliminate dark circles and improve eye bags.
    • Smoothes the fine lines around the eyes.
    • Tightens the skin around the eyes.
    • Shrink the pores around the nose.
    • A cordless handy facial massager with HOT and COLD for puffiness and dark circles under eyes, skin relaxing, skin cell-activating, eliminate dropsy, shrink pore size, reduce wrinkles around eyes, relieve eye strain and fatigue, anti-crow’s-feet and black eyes.
    • Specially designed treatment head – Good for eyes, noses, cheekbones and mouths.
    • Three working modes: Hot, Cold, and Vibrating Massage.
    • Three levels of energy for HOT and COLD. Hot: maximum 40 degrees. COLD: about 19 degrees – Safe for eyes and sensitive skin.
    • Handy and Cordless, Rechargeable, Powered by USB power cord – Easy to carry around on travel.
    1. Red light (630nm) for wrinkles removal, anti-aging, collagen boost, skin firming, skin tightening. Great for blood circulation, improve damaged tissue to create a firm and smooth complexion.
    2. Blue light (423nm) for calming sensitive skin.
    3. Nano spray helps the skin quickly hydrate, and the skin will no longer be dry after phototherapy.
    4. There are 222pcs of led bulbs in the device. 7 color lights (red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange, cyan) and 4 levels light density optional. Supports recurrent display with 7 color lights.
    5. Comes with 3 light boards and you need to assemble them into a whole LED machine. Save space and easy to carry around.
      • Hot compress + red light: 35-55 Celsius optional. It can heat up to 55 Celsius within 2 minutes. A hot compress can be applied before skin cleaning and maintenance. Together with red light, it helps to open pores, promote blood circulation, make skin clean more thoroughly and increase the absorption rate of skincare products. Apply hot compress before a massage, scraping, etc. to make the treatment effect efficient.
      • Cold compress + blue light: Cool to 4-6 Celsius in 2 minutes and as low as 2 Celsius in 4 minutes, which can quickly respond to urgent physical cooling and pain relief needs. A low temperature of 6 Celsius can effectively shrink pores and lock water, which is widely used in daily skin care. Cold therapy can eliminate skin swelling and eye swelling in the morning. Blue LED light, can also relieve skin sensitivity and eliminate skin tension and eye fatigue.
      • Multi-purpose: It is not only a home beauty machine but also an emergency rescue machine, which can replace hot and cold ice packs. It can be used repeatedly without a refrigerator, compact and portable, can quickly reach the temperature you want, stable and long-lasting.
      • A pure physical machine without any chemical stimulation, safe and effective.
      • Warranty: Provide a 1-year quality guarantee, no worries about the return.
    • High Quality: The main body is made of ABS, which is non-toxic. The contact surface is made of aluminum foil, and the surface can be quickly cooled to 10°C, without consumables, and can be recycled for a long time.
    • Function: Reduce the skin temperature to soothe the skin, refine the pores, eliminate redness and swelling, suppress acne, brighten and tighten the skin, and make the skin healthier. If you have sensitive skin that easily gets swollen, the Ice Roller calms and relieves sensitive skin, reduces pain and cools down the temperature of the skin instantly.
    • Unique design: Portable size, easy to carry. The arc-shaped handle conforms to the ergonomic design, the handgrip is more comfortable to touch, and the operation is light.
    • Applicable people: Our facial cooler is suitable for people who often have a fever, face and legs are often swollen, calm and soothe the skin and people who need elasticity.
    • A new delicate electric silicone facial cleansing brush massager. Using 6500r/m low frequency vibration, this facial cleansing brush can create more foam, deeply clean the skin, remove 99.5% of surface stains, oil, dead skin and cosmetic residues, and can also crush the residues accumulated in the deep pores. The rich and fine foam is used to bring the residue out of skin, make the skin cleaner, and healthier to achieve the effect of improving the skin.
    • This good quality silicone facial cleansing brush has a large area of brush head, which can finish cleansing the face in a short time. The thick brush is suitable for the T zone, nose and other parts that are difficult to clean. The fine brush is good for cheeks, neck, chin, even body parts.
    • It is also a face massager. Plus 6,700r/m vibrations and round silicone bumps, the face massager can be used for massaging on face and around the eyes. Skin massaging every day after cleansing can help increase blood flow, improve the absorption of skincare products, increase skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, shrink pores, and other effects.
    • The magnetic charging base and 450mAh large-capacity rechargeable built-in battery support 1-hour fast charging for 2-3 hours working. Convenient, long-lasting, and travelable.
    • 15 vibration levels are optional. Bristles are soft and delicate, suitable for all types of skin, and very friendly to sensitive skin.
    • GENTLE EXFOLIATION: The MEOW facial cleansing brush is made of good grade soft silicone, suitable for all skin types and good for sensitive skin too, The brush head consists of 3 sizes of bristles (0.8, 0.9 and 1.0mm), which can create fine lather quickly, strong enough to meet your exfoliating needs and also soft enough to care your skin. Effectively achieve gentle exfoliation. Insist on using this face brush 1 minute every day, you will find your skin clean, glossy and firming after few weeks.
    • SONIC VIBRATION TECHNOLOGY: Compact electric face cleansing brush, with up to 8,000 vibrations per minute, helps to eliminate 99.5% of blemish-causing impurities on skin (cleansing mode), and effectively to boost nutrient absorption (massage mode). 20 adjustable speeds provide a customizable skin care experience and suit all skin types.
    • UNIQUE DESIGN & 4 FUNCTIONS: The pointed ears of the Cat is perfectly fit for T-zone, wing of nose, jaw, around month and back of ears, making it effectively removing dirt and blackheads in the skin. The flat forehead of the Cat is good for cheek, forehead and neck. The back side of the cat head is a silicone face massager for skin relaxing and nutrient conducting. The big curve between the two cat ears is a soft Guasha tool for face skin lifting!
    • WATER RESISTANT & LONG-LIFE DESIGN: With a fully waterproof IPX7 design, it is safe to use in the bath or shower. Rechargeable 450mAh battery, lasting 20 days and more of normal daily use with only 2 hours charging time.
    • PERFECT GIFT: This face brush leaves your skin profoundly smooth and rejuvenated. The sonic activate essential enzymes, accelerates blood flow, promotes pore opening and provides a relaxing facial massage. It is a perfect gift for families, loves and friends!
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