• gold head platinum and gold head

    Replaceable treatment Head of Dot Matrix RF

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    • It can penetrate nutrition to the cell wall to make better absorption.
    • It has effect of achieving firm, vital and elastic skin, improving wrinkles and fine line, smoothing skin texture and help to even out skin tone for more younger-looking.
    • Deep crushed shredded fat, skin tightening.
    • To export skin deep impurities, Supply skin nutrition.
    • Easy to carry when go travelling or working with it's mini design.
  • Galvanic Microcurrency skin care devce Galvanic Microcurrent Facial Device
    • Cleaning: Positive Ion Conduction + Microwave Vibration
    • Motion: Micro-current + Hot Penetration + Microwave Vibration
    • Nutrient: Anion Conduction + Heat Penetration
    • Lifting: Micro-current + Microwave Vibration
  • back of 9901 facial led device 4 colors led light facial device

    Facial Skin Care TimeMaster

    • Combines with Electroporation, Mesotherapy, Photon Light Therapy and Radio Frequency.
    • 4 pieces of electrical tips and 12 pieces of LEDs on treatment head for facial toning.
    • Deliveries 4 colors lights - Red, Blue, Green and Mixed Light. 3 levels of energy output setting for option.
    • Good for skin care, rejuvenation, lighten skin, skin firming, skin tighten and lifting, skin renewal, anti-age, wrinkle reduction, anti-acne and skin oil balance improvement.
    • It is a chargeable device - convenient and easy to carry around.
  • rf skin firming device with lead-in probe RF+LED+Infusing Facial Toning Massage Device
    • The radiofrequency (RF) creates a biological-chemical reaction, which effectively stimulates collagen production, reconstruct sort of collagen and elastics fibers, to improve skin texture, reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Skin becomes activated, elastic, tight and firm. RF is the best solution for aging skin. It helps in skin lifting, anti-aging, rejuvenating and helps a lot on sagging skin and aging skin. It can also reduce spots, new scars and stretch marks.
    • Taking advantage of micro-current less than 1000um and negative ion, the galvanic ionizes skincare product and makes the micro-nutrient affix onions, and the ions will be led into deep skin due to circulation of positive and negative poles, then the micro-nutrients will be successfully absorbed, to enhance the rate of product absorption. Skin permeability will be improved during the circulation and make skin more smooth, fine and radiant.
    • Hot therapy is widely used in beauty and health care. It can warm skin, improve skin tension, improve absorption of skincare product, stimulate blood circulation and relieve pain and fatigue. This device gives constant 43-degree centigrade. The warm heating can improve dark eye circles and eyebags. Also it can relieve eye fatigue and eye dry due to overuse of eyes.
    • Using high frequency vibrating massage, it can activate skin cells, enhance skin elasticity and ability, improve pore tension, heading skincare product into deeper skin and enhance absorption.
    • There are 4 pieces of LEDs, delivering red and purple photon lights to enhance results of anti aging and skin rejuvenation.
  • pocket size facial care massager mini micro current facial lifting device
    • Compact and innovative design. 2-in-1 Beauty Instrument. Perfect combine two devices installed into one set with different functions. Work well at facelift, wrinkles, collagen stimulation, skin texture improvement, improve facial contour, skin tone, anti-aging, pore reduction and skin renewal.
    • Single probe - intellectualized design, working automatically w/o switch, with sensor plate on the top with iontophoresis and vibration massage function, aids in absorption of essence into skin, for eyes around to weaken wrinkle, black eye and eye bag.
    • Double probes with ems and rf function to make skin firmness, restore suppleness and elasticity. Used with water-based gel/lotion, the heat regroups collagen and encourages new collagen to start growing. The electrical AC current flows creating microwaves that generate muscular motion that leading to improve elasticity, firmness and suppleness on the skin.
    • Popular in Japan TV Shopping. A magic cosmetic beauty device for face.
    • Pocket size - mini microcurrent vibration massager that can carry easily in trip. Cordless - Powered by USB cord, use worldwide, easy to carry around. Comes with USB cord and travel bag.
  • spa EMS skin rejuvenation machine EMS Skin Firming Device
    • Effective on facelift, wrinkle removal, anti-aging, improve skin texture, lift breast and buttock, shape body, drainage lymphatic and massage/stimulate muscles.
    • Large and Unique hook design - well fit face and body part. Easy to use. Shorten treatment time.
    • 4 Functions for Face: Cleansing, Massage, Nutrient Infusing and Lifting. 4 Modes for Body: Breast (Bust), Body, Lymph and Buttock.
    • Used with power cord. Powerful and strong energy.
    • Used with water-based gel/lotion (not included).
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    rf facial massager device Handheld Vibration Hot Therapy Device Black

    Handheld Vibration Hot Therapy Device

    • Effective on skin lifting, skin tightening, wrinkle removal, smooth fine lines, anti-aging, anti-acne, tender skin and lightening skin.
    • Also do good at muscle relaxing, pain released, pain therapy and lymphatic drainage.
    • Combine with RF radio frequency hot therapy and vibrating massage therapy.
    • L, M, H energy for radio frequency and 1-3 vibrating massage levels are available.
    • Easy to use and carrier around.
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    packing image of norlanya dot metrix rf radio frequency skin rejuvenation

    Infrared Dot Matrix RF Anti Age Device

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    • Dot Matrix RF 2017 with a new design on version and energy output, it conducts heating more comfortably and stably with bigger matrix dots. Rechargeable by USB port or charging dock. Compact and lightweight, easy for travel. NO need to replace treatment tip. Larger treatment head works for body skin tightening as well. Most appropriate for face.
    • Matrix RF is a noninvasive treatment, meaning there is no cutting of the skin to perform it, which utilizes monopolar radiofrequency energy to tighten and tone the body and improve its contour.
    • Matrix RF works by heating the underlayer of the skin, known as the dermis. This heat causes collagen creation, called neocollagenesis.
    • This new collagen makes the skin look firmer & tighter and improves the overall texture of the skin and the body shape. Unlike lasers, Matrix RF procedures work on all skin types and colors.
    • Generally patients will usually undergo 8-10 treatment sessions with Matrix RF, but some clients may see differences/improvements after 1-2 sessions (NOT guaranteed). The Matrix RF heats up and stimulate a large volume of collagen in the deeper layers of the skin. Results develop over time and tightening and lifting result can be seen in up to 3 months.
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    wrinkle removal machine micro current skin rejuvenation machine
    • A 2020 new EMS + RF + LED phototherapy beauty machine. EMS helps activate cell activity, open cells, fully absorb skin care products and make skin smooth and elastic. Combining heat energy of the RF and LED light energy, it can help lifting loosen skin and achieve firmness result. Use for 10-15 minutes per day to effectively anti-aging, wrinkle, remove fine lines, dilute surface spots and improve skin texture.
    • Red, blue, yellow and mixed color light - Red light effectively removes wrinkles, anti-age, diminishes spots, stimulates collagen proliferation, reorganizes elastic fibers, increases blood circulation, and improves skin color; Blue light effectively reduces inflammation and ani-pimples and acne, improves oily skin and sensitive skin, reduce strains; Yellow light helps to improve the skin texture and rejuvenate the skin.
    • Unique curved appearance design - the treatment head can fit the skin well, completely touch the skin, and fit the shape of the hand too. During use, the hand is naturally relaxed. Long-term use will not cause wrist fatigue.
    • 5 large contacts on the treatment head, which can efficiently conduct heat and micro-current, and shorten the treatment time.
    • Portable, rechargeable, compact, easy to operate and to store.
  • handheld facial rejuvenation machine RF Electroporation Facial Care Device
    • Rechargeable coreless handy beauty device for facial toning, skin firming, face lift, wrinkle removal, spots clearing, etc.
    • Effective on collagen boosting, elastic stimulating, restructure collagen and tender skin with accumulating uasing.
    • Skin feels warmth, electric and relaxing during skin nursing.
    • Photon rejuvenation is ultilized.
    • Easy to cuse and convenient to carry around.
  • home slimming Cellulite reduction machine handheld body skin toning machine
    • A BODY SKIN THERAPY device, NOT for face and head.
    • RED & BLUE Light Therapy - good for skin cell-activating, metabolism, collagen and blood stimulation, rejuvenate skin, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, shrink pore size and acne clearing.
    • RF (Radio Frequency) - 6MHz high-frequency output RF applies on body skin to tighten and firm skin, remove wrinkles and fine lines, recombinate and reproduce collagen and elastic fibers.
    • CV Cavitation - 1MHz high frequency to break fat tissue cells, activate skin cells, metabolism and blood circulation and improve drainage.
    • Effective on body skin tightening, skin firming, wrinkle remove, fat reduction, cellulite reduction, oriange skin improvment, stretch mark improving, body slim and sculpture.